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February 3, 2013
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Lutz’s violet eyes widened. You cringed as you gingerly pressed your fingertips to the sore spot on your face. His knees wobbled and he fell to the floor in front of where you’d fallen. His hands open and empty, he trembled as he stared at his handprint on your cheek.

“T-Tut mir leid.” He breathed, then reached out to you and gently wrapped his arms around you, pulling you to his chest. “Es tut mir leid.” Repeating that single sentence over and over, he buried his face in your neck.

You could feel his trembling and you instinctively cupped his face, stroking the scar everyone judged him on. “It was just an accident Lutz, it’s okay.” You bumped your forehead against his and tried to smile, though the throbbing ache on your cheek made it hard to do so.

You didn’t really understand how or what exactly had happened, it had all gone too fast but in any case all you could remember was this; you were about to walk into the kitchen after hearing Lutz shout something angrily in German.

Why you didn’t know, which was the reason you were looking for him in the first place. Before you knew it something hard had struck you across the face and you’d been sent flying across the floor.

It seemed as though Lutz had flung his arms out in anger and you having just arrived at the worst moment had had his hand smashed into you.

“It’s okay, it was an accident, you didn’t mean to. It’ll be okay, I promise.” You murmured, half wondering why you were the one doing the comforting. He gazed at you with pain filled eyes and bit his lip. “I’m so sorry, so so sorry.”

You kissed his forehead. “It’ll go away in no time, I’m telling you.”

Unfortunately however, it seemed Lutz’s guilt only got worse each time he looked at you, so much that he felt a pang go straight through his heart whenever he caught you feeling up your injury. In fact he seemed so crestfallen, that you couldn’t even make him crack a smile.

Just before you were going to leave, you took a stance in front of him, your hands on your hips. “Lutz, I’m not angry at you and I’m not hurt either, so just...-“ You broke off, not knowing how to finish.

Standing on your toes, you yanked him down by his collar and vehemently captured his lips with your own. As you’d caught him off guard, it took him a moment to realise what was happening but no less than a second later, he closed his eyes and gently started to move his lips against yours.

The carefulness he was treating you with was different than usual, now that he had experienced firsthand what it was like to actually hurt you. He gripped you closer as though you were made of the finest porcelain and if he held you too close, you’d break just like that.

The kiss broke and Lutz pressed you back down on your feet, his self-reproach evident. “Auf Wiedersehen.” He mumbled, watching sadly as you turned and left. Hopefully, you thought, he’ll be back to normal once the mark’s gone.

And even though the mark did start to fade, you had yet to show your blond German. Your roommate and friends were now prohibiting you from seeing him as they’d completely misunderstood what had happened.

They believed he had struck you willingly and was not an ounce remorseful, whilst in the meantime Lutz was agonising over what he’d done to you and he took the fact that you hadn’t come over or called him as a way of a breakup.

He’d locked himself in his house ever since you’d left that day, barely venturing out to get food and surviving pretty much on only beer.

You on the other hand were becoming increasingly irritated at your friends’ poor ways of keeping you away from him. They’d taken you out shopping, seeing films at the cinema and other such things.

But you couldn’t keep your mind off him, obviously as you were worried sick about him. You knew what he was like when his conscience got the better of him and you knew he needed help or someone with him at the very least.

So after five days of not being allowed to see him, you escaped from your makeshift prison. Stealthily, you’d sneaked out of the back door and you’d ran as fast as your legs could carry you, all the way to Lutz’s house.

If he’d been able to see you, he’d have been proud.

Clutching the stitch in your side, you panted, trying hard to slow your rapid breathing and your pounding heart. Having rung the bell when you’d arrived in this state, you were still waiting for him to open up. But he didn’t show, not even after you’d repeatedly pressed the doorbell. You were positive it worked as you could hear the shrill sound echoing in the hallway.

Tapping your foot, you rang it again and again and again. He couldn’t have gone out? Maybe he had, I mean he has got a life of his own.... you pondered. Your shoulders sagged with sadness. And after all I did to get to see him...

Turning around to get back home, you jumped when you heard the door click open. “What do you wan-“ Lutz was cut short when you bounded onto him, hugging him tightly. “I missed you so much!” You whispered, nuzzling it his neck.

Lutz stood nailed to the ground, his eyes wide and dilated as he stared down at you. “(y-y/n).” He muttered, then reached up to stroke your hair softly. “(Y/n).”

He hugged you back tightly, closing the front door with a kick. Hiding his face in your hair, he trembled, still feeling guilty. “Enough of that.” You told him off, shaking your head at him. Taking his hand, you placed it over your bruise. “See, it’s almost completely gone.”

Breaking at your smile, he wound his arms tighter around you. “I sought you’d left.” You ran your hands down his back, smiling; you finally felt complete once again. “No, my friends wouldn’t let me see you. They thought you’d hurt me on purpose, when I know you didn’t.”

He relaxed in your arms, feeling warm once again. He’d missed that feeling when you weren’t around. As you felt him over, you realised suddenly that he was only wearing a pair of slacks and a dirty pair at that.

Pulling back to get a proper look at him, your thumb stroked the crescent scar on his cheek. “God, Lutz, look at you.” You mumbled, your eyes trailing over him. His violet eyes were bloodshot and unruly stubble extended over his jaw, his blond hair was greasy and in desperate need of a wash as was the rest of him.

You sighed and tugged him along to where you knew his bathroom was. “Let’s get you clean.” He smirked and with that you could tell he was nearly back to normal. “Only if you get in wiz me, meine Frau.”

With a giggle and a raised eyebrow, you nodded once and closed the door behind the two of you.
Okay so I read somewhere that 2p Germany could be really rough, but that if he hurts you he feels really bad. That's what I went on for this ^^

Hope it was okay and hopefully more 2p will be coming your way~
Please enjoy and tell me what you think, feedback is as always appreciated!
And if you want to have a hand in deciding which character and plot is used, please vote in the poll!
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