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December 9, 2012
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Ludwig bit his lip, his blue eyes narrowed at the sight before him. You and Gilbert were on the couch together, looking as though you were plotting something. The two of you were sitting so close to each other that you were practically in Gilbert’s lap.

A vein throbbed on his forehead as he analysed everything you did. You were laughing for one, the albino’s arm slung casually over your shoulders. Ludwig clasped his fist so hard that he felt his fingernails being marked on his palm.

“C’mon tell!” You said cheerfully, ruffling his hair. “No touchey!” Gilbert joked back, drawing back from you so his hairdo was a safe distance away from your grabbing hands. “Oh hey West.” You blushed and disentangled yourself from the Prussian, making him whine.

Your crush stood in the doorway, gripping the doorknob tensely. “Do that sort of thing in your own room.” He sneered at his brother, striding past the two of you into the kitchen. He didn’t even look at you, other than sweeping his eyes over your form in disgust.  

You rubbed your neck in shame. It felt as though those piercing eyes of his had been judging you. Gilbert frowned at his back, patting your arm to tell you he was going to talk to Ludwig. You got up and shook your head, knowing you’d overstayed your welcome.

You shrugged into your coat, smiling at him by means of goodbye. It had happened again. As you walked down the road fresh tears sprung into your eyes. Biting your lip you thought about what you’d wanted to ask Gilbert.

You’d known Ludwig for a long time and you’d developed the teensiest crush on him, well okay, let’s be truthful here. You were head over heels for the German and all of the people around you knew it.

Apart from said German that is, the guy could discuss quantum-physics with Einstein but he sure was dense about love.  You’d plucked up all your courage and asked Gilbert what he liked, food wise. That way you’d be able to present him with that and with your feelings for him.

Gilbert had teased you at first but he’d agreed to help you, giving you a recipe for Ludwig’s favourite cake. Then you’d asked, with a VERY red face if he knew what his brother thought about you. Along with a smirk on his face, he’d bought you close, winding you up with looking all around the room for spies even though he knew you were alone.

Then he blew in your ear, making you squeal, but you really, really wanted to know. So you tried forcing it out of him. It was at that point that Ludwig had entered the room and promptly given you the cold shoulder.

Rubbing your eyes, you leant against the red-brick wall you were walking along and sighed in despair. You tilted your head upwards, gazing at the solemn sky with a sorrowful expression.

“Hey there girl, need some cheering up?” You froze.

“Hey, West. That was really unawesome of you.” Gilbert said, resting his weight on one hip. “I don’t care und leave me alone.”

Ludwig growled, tsking at himself when he spilt some coffee. “You know (y/n) was being really cute and all, and you just had to come and ruin it!” The blond slammed his fist onto the counter. “If you like her that much, take her up to your room and I won’t interrupt next time!”

Gilbert raised his eyebrow, his head cocked to one side. “Me? Like her? I mean sure, she’s pretty awesome, but there’s no way she’d be interested in me. She’s got eyes for one guy and one guy only.”

Ludwig glanced up in interest at that, unconsciously showing Gilbert he wanted to know who it was. The albino smirked, he had his little brother in the palm of his hand. He sighed dramatically, dragging a hand through his silver hair.

“Thing is though, the guy doesn’t give sweet little (y/n) the time of day. So she came to me on her knees, begging for a tip on how to make the guy at least realise what she felt for him. But alas!”

Ludwig glared at his brother, going to tower over him. “Who. Is. It.” Gilbert was doubting his teasing could continue without him ending up with at least a broken jaw, so he decided to play it cool.

His arms folded, he jabbed a finger at Ludwig’s chest. “You bruder.” Ludwig was rooted to the spot for a moment, the cogs in his brain visibly whirring as he just processed what he’d said.
When the realisation hit him, he covered his mouth in shock, his face burning up to his ears.

“Wh-what?! Bu-“

Gilbert shrugged, cutting him off. “Believe me if you want or don’t want to. It’s up to you.” With that, he sauntered out of the kitchen, his face grinning. He knew he’d just thrown his brother.

“She” Ludwig muttered, staring at his hands. Not Francis, the narcissist? Nor Antonio, that cheerful bastard? Or even Feliciano, the cute, bubbly one? You liked him?

He barely had time to contemplate when Gilbert launched himself into the kitchen. “West! We have a problem! I don’t know exactly what happened, but listen to this!” Gilbert held up his phone and Ludwig curiously listened to it.

His eyes widened when he heard your voice. “How is this-“

“I’m telling ya girl, just be good and we’ll have some fun~”

“S-stay away from me! He-“

The phone went dead after a resounding crash. The two brothers shared a look of pure shock, then their expressions morphed into those of rage.

“Quick!” Though Ludwig needed no spurring on, Gilbert told him to run. And run he did, sprinting with all his might.

He called your name several times, scanning alleyways when he passed them. His hope fading, he skidded to a halt when he heard some voice coming down a dark passage between two buildings.

“Check it out!”

“No way man, she’s hot!”

You whimpered as one of the men ripped open your shirt, your coat already lying torn on the ground. The larger of the two had a grip on your throat and tears streamed down your cheeks. A stinging blow to your face made you gasp, causing Ludwig’s murderous intent to become clear to all passersby.

“Get your hands off of her!” A blow from the side smashed into the guy who had his hands on you, sprawling him onto the grimy floor. The weight against your wind-pipe disappeared and you slumped down the wall, trembling.

Ludwig hissed as his fist made contact with the other’s nose, grabbing the two and pinning them against the wall. “Don’t you dare move.” He threatened, his voice dangerously low.

They squirmed at first, but stopped when Ludwig kicked their back-sides roughly. Your German savoir sighed in relief when he heard approaching sirens, making a mental note to buy Gilbert some nicer beer than usual.

“(y/n)! West! You alright?” Gilbert asked, being ushered away by policemen. “I’m alright but...” Ludwig glanced down at you, his heart squeezing painfully at the sight of your torn sight, the mark on your face and the look of shock that painted your expression white.

He pulled you up gently in his arms, kissing your forehead. “They didn’ anything else to you, did they?” Ludwig asked, caressing your cheek. The tenderness with which he spoke and acted towards you made it seem as though he thought you were fragile, constructed out of glass.

You shivered, burying your face into his chest and clutching at him. Hot tears rolled down your face as you cried for the third time that day. You cried his name, weeping as he picked you up, cradling you to his chest and taking you back to his house.

Gilbert trailed after you, but had to stay behind to give the police officers more details.

“That better?” Ludwig asked as he handed you a mug of hot chocolate. You nodded slowly, pulling the blanket closer around yourself. He sat next to you, inspecting his hands during the awkward silence.

“I’m sorry.” He muttered. You looked up in surprise at him, you hadn’t thought he had anything to apologise for apart from-

“For being such an arse earlier and ignoring you.” Oh, yeah, that.

You shook your head, smiling sadly at him. “It’s okay. I mean you saved me from those-“ you shivered violently and bit your lip.

Frowning, he shifted closer to you, pulling you back into his broad chest. “I’m happy I was able to get to you in time.” He murmured back, rocking you gently. You’d set your mug on the table, you knew how much Ludwig hated having to clean up spilt things.

You breathed out gently, wondering how you’d gotten yourself in a situation like this. “I only wanted a recipe for a cake....” You mumbled, gazing at his collarbone.

He chuckled, stroking your hair. “Ja, it escalated rather quickly.” You felt heat above you and your gaze flickered up to see Ludwig’s red cheeks. “Ludwig?”

“I needed to ask you something. That cake you were going to make... I just, I mean I was just curious as to who it was for, is all.” He wanted to hear that he was the one from you, he needed reassurance that his brother hadn’t just been teasing him.

If he wasn’t the one you held in your heart, he’d probably break some of Gilbert’s ribs for lying to him about something so important.

You blushed in turn, looking at your hands for a moment, then straightening up to be able to gaze at him straight-on. Well, he’d presented this opportunity and though you’d imagined it slightly different, now was as good a time as any.

“I was hoping to give it to my savoir actually.” You whispered in his ear. Smiling, you felt the heat radiating from his cheeks flare up. “And may I assume that would be me?” He asked, his nose in your hair.

You nodded shyly, gasping when his arms wound themselves around your waist. “Good.”

“Now let’s get that cake started!”
Errr, yeah.

(Should I put a warning up?)

Not quite what I thought it'd become, but meh I think it's not that bad actually ^^

Only a bit of jealous Germany in here at the beginning, so if there isn't enough jealous Germany in here I'll write another one! So what do you think?

Please enjoy and tell me what you think, feedback is as always appreciated!

Also, if you want a hand in choosing the next character and plot, please vote in the poll!
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Say it with me loud and clear
"I will love again"
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I know where you've been
But please please please
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Don't give up on love
Just take some time and hit rewind
Make this song play
On and on and on and on and
On and on and on and on and
On and on and on and on and on...
Then put headphones on your heart
And then turn the volume up
Let the rhythm throb in time
With the pumping of your blood
And the music heals
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So once again
You will be whole hearted

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